Ensuring web security

Invicti's DAST solutions help protect web applications around the world.

InvictiTM, believes 2020 will start the decade of cybersecurity. Online security awareness has come a long way, but they've always known that it's about so much more than just avoiding spam emails and downloading antivirus programs.


Large-scale cyber attacks make headlines on a regular basis, so all InvictiTM employees have made cybersecurity a collective responsibility.

Invictis Brands:

1. Acunetix

2. Netsparker



Scan your web security with Acunetix

Acunetix was launched on the island of Malta in 2005. It was the first ever automated web application security scanner and is considered one of the most innovative products in the web security field. Its unique scanning engine is known for its speed and accuracy.

Acunetix is a global leader in web security and the first company to develop a fully automated web vulnerability scanner.

More than 4,000 enterprises worldwide rely on Acunetix to protect their assets, align with their policies, and integrate with their development cycle. Acunetix offers a complete set of automated penetration testing tools that perform comprehensive vulnerability assessment and repair detected threats.

Acunetix, with global headquarters in Malta and North American headquarters in Austin, Texas, has customers in banking, education, healthcare, government, defense and technology, as well as many Fortune 500 companies.



    Acunetix provides these advantages

    Lightning fast crawler and scanner with multithreading that can traverse hundreds of thousands of pages without interruption.

    •  Detects over 4500 vulnerabilities in web applications.
    • Scans open source software and custom applications.
    • Detects critical vulnerabilities with 100% accuracy.

    Acunetix is the pioneer in automated security testing for web applications with innovative technologies.

    • DeepScan-Technology - Crawls all websites, including Single Page Applications (SPAs) developed with HTML5, JavaScript and RESTful APIs
    • The industry's most advanced SQLi and cross-site scripting tests include advanced detection of DOM-based XSS
    •  Easy-to-use Login Sequence Recorder - automatically scans complex password-protected area